General Questions

Any general questions about our services and treatments.

Is actual blood used for PRP?

Yes. The genius of this technology is that a patient is using their own blood products to be separated and reinstituted back into the body for a specific purpose, mainly eliminating the possibility of an allergic reaction and initiating the immune and healing cascade to rebuild.

Do PDO threads really work?

Yes, PDO threads really work. These sutures are designed to physically lift muscle, tissue and skin and stay in place until the body naturally heals in that position. The patient will often have a subtle result that improves with healing time.

Does getting lip filler mean that I will look unnatural or scary when the procedure is over?

No. Most injectors are looking to give patient the look that they desire, whether it be natural or luscious. Patients will often get filler in their lip to smooth out lines and not alter the size of the lip at all. Often filler is used to change contour or shape of the lip. Immediately after the procedure, ice administration to the face is recommended to reduce swelling and discomfort, although patients are not typically compliant with this. Once swelling has been reduced, the patient will often have a beautiful result that they are happy with.

Procedure Questions

Questions about the procedures we offer.

What if I am unhappy with my procedure results

As a comprehensive consultation is done prior to any procedure, both the procedurist and patient should have a clear understanding of realistic expectations. If satisfaction still hasn’t been obtained, then an augmentation of the initial treatment plan can be arranged so that both parties are satisfied with the results.

Can anything go wrong when I’m getting my procedure

During the time of consultation, a complete medical history is obtained in writing and reviewed. It is important to be honest so that way each patient can be treated accordingly. Patients with allergies, bleeding disorders, auto-immune disease and that take medications should always disclose all information so that an interaction can be prevented.

Botox questions

All questions about our botox services.

Does getting Botox hurt?

No. Botox or any other toxin injections are given with an insulin size needle which is very small and will feel like a pin prick for only a second. The reason that patient’s seem apprehensive about it is because its their face so the injector is typically in their personal space which does seem scary or daunting. The whole process is usually quick and over before the patient even realizes it.

Why do people who get Botox look “plastic”?

Botox or any of the other neurotoxins do not change a patient’s actual face. The toxin itself assists in relaxing the muscle movement that causes wrinkling of the skin so that the patient will look exactly as they did without creases in the face. It is a complete fallacy that any neurotoxin will change a physical appearance. It could be that a person who may appear “plastic” has had other cosmetic procedures done that actually changed their appearance.

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